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F2280 TC Bolts For Tough Structural Demands

F2280 TC bolts are heavy-duty fasteners that facilitate tension control. They are used in many structural applications, often as a modern alternative to rivets. They are used to link steel-to-steel connections where extended tensile strength capacities are needed. In addition to their security and strength, these bolts offer many advantages; most of which derive from their form.

An F2280 TC bolt usually refers to a complete fastener assembly rather than a single fastener. In addition to a partially-threaded bolt, these assemblies include a washer and a nut, which are preassembled and pre-lubricated. These bolts end with a piece known as the spline. The spline is designed to break away during the installation process and serves as an indicator to show the correct tension has been achieved.

The installation process is completed using a dedicated tool called a sheer wrench or TC gun. This is a hand-held electric power tool that simultaneously torques the nut and the spline in opposite directions. The nut is then tightened onto the bolt and the spline will twist off when tension reaches an optimal state. This is why these bolts are sometimes called twist-off bolts in addition to tension control bolts. Proprietary lubrication is also integral to the self-controlled clamping force of these bolts.

F2280 TC bolt specifications are set by the American Society for Testing and Material standards organization. They have also been classified under the ASTM A490 specification. After being withdrawn in 2016, both ASTM A490 and F2280 TC bolt specifications now fall under ASTM F3125 criteria. Fastener manufacturers and suppliers will typically list these bolts under all of these ASTM labels.

F2280 TC bolts have a diameter range within 1/2 inch and 1 1/2 inches. They also have a shorter thread length compared to bolts used in standard and non-high-strength applications. The minimum tensile strength of F2280 bolts is 150,000 psi and a max of 173,000 psi.

The high strength capabilities of these bolts are also due to their material. F2280 TC bolts are made from alloy steel which can be heat treated. Unlike standard TC bolts, bolts within this spec must be left plain and ungalvanized to prevent the occurrence of hydrogen embrittlement.

When F2280 TC bolts are required for construction purposes, they should always be sourced from a reputable bolt manufacturer or distributor that provides complete quality testing and certifications.

Are A490 TC Bolts And F2280 TC Bolts Interchangeable?

Spec A490 and F2280 are often used interchangeably to refer to the same type of tension control bolts. Both of the ASTM specifications have been withdrawn but are still commonly used to categorize and identify bolts. Current specifications for these bolts fall under the ASTM F3125 criteria, which pertain to high strength structural bolts made from steel and alloy steel.

Are F2280 TC Bolts High Strength?

F2280 TC bolts are able to endure tensile strength demands up to 173,000 psi. They are considered higher strength compared to F1852 TC bolts, which have a maximum tensile strength rating of 120,000 psi. They are made from alloy steel and have a shorter thread length compared to standard structural bolts, which contributes to their higher strength performance.

Do F2280 TC Bolts Need Washers?

F2280 TC Bolts require washers for proper installation. They are almost always included as part of a TC bolt fastener assembly, along with a nut. The washer serves to distribute the force that’s applied when the nut is torqued during the installation process, which helps preserve structural integrity and reliability.