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Sourcing A325 TC Bolts For The Joining Of Steel Parts

A325 TC bolts are tension control bolts that meet with ASTM A325 specifications as they pertain to structural bolts. These are high strength bolts that reliably hold connections in a range of construction applications.

A325 TC bolts are used to secure steel joints. They are meant to be long-lasting or permanent components that install quickly and calibrate automatically thanks to the unique attributes of their form.

TC bolts are sometimes called twist-off bolts because they feature a spline, which may be called a “twist-off”. This part will automatically twist and then break off when the bolt has been tightened to the appropriate tension. A special electrical tool known as a shear wrench or TC gun is used in this process. The installation is generally fast and offers many benefits compared to other steel-to-steel structural fasteners like rivets.

Other parts of A325 TC bolts include a washer and nut in addition to the bolt itself. These parts are usually pre-assembled to contribute to installation efficiency. TC bolts are also pre-lubricated by the manufacturer. For proper installation and to achieve the appropriate clamping force, TC bolts must have adequate lubrication.

As they are made to ASTM A325 standards, their diameters fall within a range of 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inches. Their threaded lengths are somewhat shorter than standard or general-purpose hex bolts in order to ensure strong and lasting holds within heavier structural connections. The A325 specification also means they are made from medium carbon steel, carbon boron steel, medium carbon alloy steel. Type 3 A325 bolts, however, are made from weathering steel.

A325 TC bolts may be plain and without any additional treatments or finishes, or they may be galvanized. Galvanization can improve the resistance of bolts used in many structural applications. TC bolts are best used in settings and conditions where temperatures will stay within a range of 40 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit (4 to 32 degrees Celsius).

A325 TC bolts were considered a standard up until 2016. The American Society for Testing and Material standards organization officially withdrew and replaced this spec with ASTM F1852 TC bolts. Many bolt manufacturers and suppliers will carry and categorize TC bolts under both the ASTM A325 and ASTM F1852 specs.

As these bolts serve a critical purpose in structural applications, they should always be sourced from a reputable provider with full confirmation of all quality assurances and bolt testing procedures.

Are A325 TC Bolts High Strength?

A325 is a standard for heavy hex structural bolts that are designed for high strength construction applications. A325 TC bolts are included in this high strength categorization. They are used to connect steel with steel in many places that would have previously used structural rivets in the same applications. The high strength capabilities of these bolts are based on their self-calibrating tensioning, structural grade steel composition, and their shorter thread length. All of these factors contribute to long-lasting and reliable holds.

Can A325 TC Bolts Be Relubricated?

A325 TC bolts can only be lubricated during the manufacturing process. If any loss of lubrication occurs, the bolts can be re-lubricated but this process must be completed by a manufacturer with the appropriate capabilities.

Are A325 TC Bolts The Same As F1852 TC Bolts?

F1852 TC bolts are the current ASTM spec used since the American Society for Testing and Material standards organization officially withdrew and replaced the A325 TC bolts spec. Most bolt suppliers and distributors will offer bolts under both categorizations.